Best CrossFit Gloves 2017

We have "first-hand" experience in rips that dominate the majority of our palms as result of high repetition CrossFit workouts.

Even when our grip is good and our hands cared for!

For some professionals and athletes in training/competition, this isn’t an option which has created a niche market for the best CrossFit gloves 2017.​

Looking for viable hand protection? Check out the market leaders below​ and what we thought of them.

Best CrossFit Gloves 2017

Gloves ARE Manly

Stronger Rx Gloves (For Life)

The Stronger Rx gloves have been on the market for a number of years with great feedback coming from many verified purchases.

Described as one of the most “technologically advanced” gloves on the market and one of the lightest gloves produced by Stronger Rx.

With functional fitness and extreme sports at the forefront of this gloves requirements, it comes as no surprise that it is the glove of choice for many athletes worldwide.

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StrongerRx Forever Program

Once you've purchased the Forever Glove, you never pay for a pair again. If they rip, tear or fall to pieces, if you cover the shipping, StrongerRx will replace your gloves with a new pair.


 Anti-Vibration Technology

The use of gloves normally goes hand in hand with high repetition workouts. What comes with high reps? Pumped forearms, fatigued shoulders and if careless, ripped hands.

With the use of the latest vibration damping polymers, the StrongerRx glove proposes that you will see vastly reduced muscle and hand fatigue.

Less fatigue and fresh hands can only lead to improved performances.​

 Touch Screen Friendly

Filming and uploading your latest PB just got a little easier (if it's not on Instagram, did it actually happen?). Whilst not a key feature when looking for your next gloves for CrossFit, it is something the StrongerRx allows over some of its competitors.

 StrongerRx Perma-X Fabric

​Unless tailored to your own hands, the fit of a glove is normally sacrificed in some way. If the fingers are snug, the palm is a little loose etc etc.

However, with the use of the StrongerRx Perma-X fabric, you are guaranteed a perfect fit. The extra light weight material grips and moulds to your hands allowing you to move quickly with the protection of the glove.

The lightweight breathable ​material ensures good air flow around your hands, allowing for a swift cool down post workout.



Forever Glove Program

Initial Price



WODies Grips

Whilst not a conventional glove, WODies will provide substantial protection for your hands during high repetition movements.

We’re a big fan of the background of this product. Created for athletes, by athletes. When a solution is brought to the market, created by those who suffer, we pay attention.

WODies are marketed as a premium product by a small company based in America. With a small brand comes quality and care. 

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WODies are handmade ensuring that the product will stand the test of time and deliver on performance, a key point for those considering gloves for CrossFit.

“Buy cheap, buy twice” comes to mind and we are guilty of that.


 Full Palm Protection + Wrist Support

This is a stand out feature that WODies have over their competition. To achieve the support offered by WODies, we have used a combination of strength wraps with gymnastic grips. A far inferior set up that impacted performance negatively with constant adjustments to maintain grip.

 Natural Glide

The design of WODies has been done so a natural glide is achieved over the bar. With no bunching or pinching, blood blisters, rips and tears are no more. A tip for our readers, a touch of Vaseline on the inside of the palm protector alleviates any friction completely.


A feature of sorts, the quality of this product is second to none. Using the finest materials (hypo-allergenic latex-free woven elastic) available, WODies deliver on their multi-patented two in one design, handmade product.


WODies take time to become an irreplaceable asset to your performances. Move with them and let them bed into your palm using plenty of chalk. Ripping can occur during the introductory phase, be patient.



Wrist support

Relief isn't instant


Premium quality

Rogue Mechanix

In the continued battle against ripped hands, Rogue Fitness have stepped up their game. The Rogue Mechanix vented glove is an exclusive design with noticeable upgrades.

Carefully balancing hand protection with grip (both highly important) and breathability, Rogue have achieved a highly durable CrossFit glove worthy of your consideration.

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Covering your palms in its entirety, complete protection is guaranteed. Other gloves mentioned in this post fall when considering protection for movements that involve a lot of hook grip (excessive rubbing of the thumbs).​

The custom fit delivers optimal comfort, preventing torn hands allowing you to train for longer, push through competition rounds and maintain your output.


 Perforated Synthetic Leather Palm

With the palm area in consistent contact through reps, it’s important that materials used are hard wearing whilst providing you with the grip needed. The synthetic leather palm of the Rogue Mechanix 2.0 will take time before producing optimal grip but will last the test of time.

The palm limits the transfer of moisture to the bar preventing loss of grip whilst the light mesh allows for improved airflow.​

 Reinforced Stitching

As part of the upgrades we mentioned for the 2.0 glove, the stitching was an area that was vastly improved. The durability of the gloves is now on point with additional stitching added along with the bit between the thumb & index finger and the panel a long your little finger. These gloves are designed to last.



Full hand coverage

None to report

Hard wearing


Bionic Performance Grip

Although the bionic performance grip glove isn’t specific for the CrossFit market, it does have notable accolades that make it worthy of our list and your consideration.

With a number of high scoring reviews across a selection of suppliers, it appears that the performance grip stands up to the most physical of challenges whilst ensuring your grip is maintained.​

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Appearing on the Dragons Den (investment opportunity TV show), the gloves owners received investment offers. This product will only improve.



Blisters lead to fluid and ripping as do calluses which are both commonly found in the palms of a regular CrossFitter. The bionic performance grip has pads, positioned specifically to alleviate these symptoms whilst maintaining a durable grip.

The design of this glove was specially formulated by an orthopaedic hand surgeon. As you grip your fingers naturally rotate inwards, the bionic grip is designed with this in mind. The patented pre-rotated design allows your hand full natural closure decreasing resistance and therefore fatigue.​


A common conception of utilising gloves in training is a lack of dexterity, however, this may not be the case with this glove. All moving parts of this gloves, including the web between fingers, is made with breathable lycra. Flexibility is maintained whilst your hands remain cool and sweat free.

Tough sessions induce perspiration which if possible should be addressed. The poly-towel thumb on the glove will help take care of this as you mop your brow.​



Full hand coverage

None to report

Pre-rotated design

WODFitters Hand Grips

The WODFitter hand grip is more minimal in design compared to other gloves on the market but still offers great protection/rip prevention in key areas.

​As athletes like yourself fatigue during bar movements, the top of the palm through to the middle is most affected. WODFitter’s address this area with a soft, textured leather palm that takes the shape of your hand easily. The fit around the wrist is adjustable by way of velcro allowing for swift removal if necessary.

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This is a very cost efficient aid compared to some of the other gloves offering similar protection.

WODFitters come in 3 different sizes. Selecting the correct size for you can be done as follows:​

  • Measure the length of your palm from your wrist line to the base of your fingers. A small fits up to 4", a medium is for 4" – 4 & 3/4" and large is for anything greater than that.


 Leather Palm

Leather gets better with age which can certainly be said for the performance of the WODFitter. A little uncomfortable to begin with (dependant on fit) but after a few sessions, the leather softened up.

Once the leather palm had softened, these grips performed really well through toes to bar, pull ups, muscle ups and aided in the Olympic lifts.


The design of the WODFitter allows for easy wearing and removal. We were able to quickly flip the leather palm on and off as we moved through movements.

The beauty of having a second palm is that you can layer on the chalk, boosting grip but not affecting your hands in any way. We used a touch of Vaseline on the palm, between the grips and our hands which helped soften them further.



Swift removal

Not full coverage

Premium leather

RockTape Gloves

RockTape produces a number of products that aid the CrossFit community including their tape and shin guards and now, gloves.

Mid-range in terms of price, the RockTape glove has collected a number of reviews (average 3.5) from their customers.

Tapping into their network educators and doctors, RockTape strives to provide protection when required and support where necessary for their athletes.​

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The materials used in the production of the RockTape glove allow the user to use touch screens whilst wearing gloves. Whilst it may not be important for performance, filming qualifiers, technique drills and your friends are all a part of CrossFit so this is a definite benefit.

The construction of the palm area has been done in such a way to avoid unnecessary stitching. This ensures that the RockTape glove will continue to protect your hands without degradation in the structure of the glove.​


The RockTape glove is one of the only gloves to display aids for the false grip. For strict variations off movements like the muscle-up, the false grip is necessary for some athletes. This may have been missed by the RockTape glove competitors.

Special protection has been added to the area over the thumb that is prone to rubbing whilst using the hook grip over higher rep ranges. Another feature that you would not get with some of the other gloves/grips we have mentioned.



Full hand coverage

Prone to falling apart

Hook grip/False grip friendly

Best Crossfit Gloves For Pull Ups

All of the gloves mentioned above are the best CrossFit gloves for pull ups and would give you adequate protection for high rep pull up workouts.

As we saw in the chest to bar and overhead squat event in the 2015 open, as fatigue kicks in and the rep range increases, athletes were tearing their hands.

Best Crossfit Gloves For Pull Ups

Khalipa Going HAM

The most common area for tears begins at the bottom of the fingers/top of the palm and will work its way down to the middle of your hand. We will spare you the gory photo's, we've all seen them.

For this reason, any of the gloves & grips listed will provide you ​good protection. Our recommendation for the best CrossFit gloves for pull ups would be the bionic performance grip glove.

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Why would we recommend this glove? Its design speaks for itself in terms of taking the shape of your hand as you grip the bar. There have been plenty of reviews commending this glove, its performance and for how long it lasts under stress.

Hand Care

Sometimes the rep range does lead to unavoidable rips but in training, is this avoidable? We find that if our hands are left on their own, they will dry and calluses will form.

Regular hand care is a staple for any CrossFitter that trains regularly.​ With smooth palms, snagging on the bar should not occur during movements.

To achieve well-maintained hands, we use a couple of products.

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The first is a hard skin remover that will take care of the dead skin. Carefully remove layers of the skin until its nice and smooth.​ Pay close attention to going to deep will cause a painful sensation, much like grabbing a cactus.

A good moisturiser is also recommended to keep the skin supple.​ Wash your hands thoroughly and hydrate your skin post workout. This routine has helped us avoid blistering and tears for the majority of our programming.

A Final Word On The Best CrossFit Gloves 2017

We hope this post on the best CrossFit gloves has been of use to you all. Take care of your hands every day and make use of your new CrossFit gloves as and when required.

If you have some experience with gloves that we have not mentioned, be sure to drop a comment below as we'd love to hear about better products.

To your continued progression,

Team Athlete Vibe​

Best CrossFit Gloves

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