Additional Income Generation For A CrossFit Affiliate

You can read this post quicker than I can complete Helen (6 mins).

If you're an affiliate owner (or have a deputy to delegate to) with a little time to invest, the content below may be of interest.

I've listed a couple of ideas that will either generate cash from your current members or, will help you capture new leads, creating more income.

It's nothing ground breaking, I'm not talking about 10's of thousands of $/£/€ but, I know a realistic four figure number could be made each year with only a couple of hours of your time and a little effort.

Just a couple of hours, once, and that's it...

Check it out ⬇️​

Affiliate Marketing - Literally Free Money

"A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals."

Your members spend serious cash on personal equipment, apparel, training accessories, supplements...

The list goes on. All from an array of suppliers of which I would guess, the majority are internet based.

But you own a gym, so why is this important?

Well, many of these suppliers, brands such as Rogue, Reebok and Adidas all have affiliate schemes which you can register to, for free.​

Registration takes minutes and, once approved, you will have access to affiliate links that you can post on your website, Facebook page, Instagram and send to your email list.

These affiliate links when used will generate you cash, effortlessly.

Your members still get their ordered goods, at no extra cost, but you make £/$/€ back for the recommendation.

An Amazon Affiliate Report Generated From This Site

I spend around £1000 a year on some of the items I've listed. That's monthly supplements, a new pair of kicks (sometimes two) and gym apparel.

Through affiliate links, you earn a minimum of 5% for the referral, depending on the supplier this number could be higher.​

With regular reminders on Facebook, you could capture this spending and earn £50 back in commission.

If you're lucky enough to have 100 members spending the same... That's a lot of cash for an afternoons work and the links will remain active for years to come.

Here's a list of affiliate schemes that I am certain you could utilise (there are much more out there):

These are links to the associated affiliate programs

New Lead Generation & Online Presence

As a business owner, I am certain you already understand the importance of your online presence and the marketing efforts you must make to get noticed in a thriving industry.

To compliment your already solid online presence (I hope!), I have listed a couple lead generating avenues you may not have yet considered that are certainly cost effective solutions to growing your turn over.

I understand that I am just a guy scribing theories but there is proof out there that some of the ideas below are effective for CrossFit affiliates.

Check out this article on Box Pro Mag which quotes a box co-owner spending upwards of $1000 to successfully generate new leads via calls and emails through online marketing.

Social Media Marketing

All affiliates must have active social media profiles. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter can all be leveraged to build brand awareness in your area but your content can only reach so many people.

Once the enquiries slow you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Paid advertising! Facebook ads are one of the best.

In fact, don't wait until the enquiries slow, make moves now!​

Paid social media advertising is highly cost effective, targeted and will allow you to reach new audiences.

I will have more data on the effectiveness of Facebook ads and associated costs when my current case study with an affiliate finishes.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

If you're in a competitive market, I would encourage you to take action in ensuring your business is one of the first to be seen.

SEO is an investment that will increase your memberships, drop ins and general buzz around your brand.

The image below will highlight the importance of being the first in view.

Businesses #1 - 3 Will Clear Up!

The affiliates in view are the first of 27 in the London area.

How much internet traffic do you think anyone outside of these top three spots gets? Not much.

As a result, the majority of potential customers will go to the first three businesses.

Try it yourself. Google "CrossFit [your town/city]" and see what comes up. Is your affiliate there to be seen? If not, drop a comment at the bottom of the page and I'll see if I can help.

Why are those particular affiliates some of the first to be seen? The search engine (Google) see's their website and online presence as the best answer to the search query "CrossFit London".

There are a huge number of factors that can affect where you place amongst your competitors.

Want me to explain it all, using your business and competitors to help you understand?

Click here, drop in your website and email and I'll take a look and send you over a free video with some advice on some changes you can make to put you ahead of the competition.

Product Creation - With A Twist

You probably have T-shirts, shorts, hoodies and water bottles stacked high in the office.

I am talking about alternative products that you may not have considered but certainly have the ability to create.​

Your knowledge and experience are powerful and there are others that could learn from you.

Can you monetise your know how?

I am certain that along the way to building a successful business, there were decisions made that you regret, cost you money or wasted time.

On the other hand, there may be decisions that made money, simplified a process or generated X amount of income.

​As well as these decisions, you must have a wealth of knowledge in coaching, hiring and growing.

Here's an example I found for you.

Take a look at Chris Stroud's website. He is a CrossFit coach and is selling informational products that assist with gymnastic progressions and athlete programming as well as power building.

Do you have ​specialist knowledge which others could learn from? Could you sell your experience?

I've come up with a couple of ideas below that are based around subjects that are searched for 1000's of times a month online and could be very easily monetised with your know how.

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Ideas Based On Online Search Trends

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CrossFit At Home

There are a HUGE amount of online searches (15,000+) carried out every month with CrossFit and home used in the search term and even more with beginners. (Use my contact form if you want a copy of the spreadsheet with all the data.)

This interest could stem from a number of reasons such as time, affordability, confidence & convenience. Does the lack of willing to sign up at your affiliate pose an alternative opportunity?

Think of the popularity and success of ROMWOD and MobilityWOD. Both offer affordable, daily programming and coaching via video.

Could this interest be monetised with a daily WOD for people at home/for beginners? Coached by you and filmed at your affiliate?

CrossFit Marketing Strategies & Promotion

Could you create an info product to answer these questions?

Continuing with identifying opportunity through data, there is a lot of interest surrounding marketing and income generation.

Again, like the idea mentioned previously, the demand could be an opportunity for you to offer your advice from experiences you've had building a successful business.

If I had the knowledge & experience you possess and were allowed to use the likes of Google Adwords (I believe only CrossFit affiliates are allowed to do so), I would place paid advertisements for these keywords and try some of the following:

  • Creating an eBook with marketing strategies that have been successful for you and sell it through a simple one-page website.
  • Offering online consultancy or coaching to help with business development and growth.

I Have Some Spare Time...

I have helped a handful of local businesses in the UK build their presence online which has created £10,000's in income.

Whilst it has been great working with small business owners and watching them grow, the industries in which they work, I have no interest in.

​Through this post and some outreach, I would like to combine my love of CrossFit with online marketing and help some affiliates grow.

Can I help you and your affiliate in your online marketing efforts?

I and my online team have the ability to work with just three businesses starting in the coming weeks.

If you want to do some cool stuff together, please fill in my contact form with your details & your affiliate website address in the comments. I'll take a look and get back to you with some ideas for you to consider!



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