CrossFit Before And After Pictures

CrossFit before and after pictures: The proof that sceptics need?

Does CrossFit work? Well...

I put in a whole load of hard work, consistency and worked with CrossFit style programming.

The results? 

This is my 10 month transformation complete with CrossFit before and after pictures.

Does CrossFit Work

True Story

CrossFit Transformation

The timeframe for this transformation was 10 months, from January to October. I'll talk about my dietsupplementation and training later in the post.

Before CrossFit:

Month 1

I was back home after a month of travelling, I had been very relaxed in what I ate and had not trained.

On my return, I decided that I wanted to see what I was capable of. I was strict in my training, a minimum of 4 sessions a week.

I made sure my diet was consistent, made of whole foods (supplied direct to my front door, check out my muscle food review). I didn't follow any particular rules other than, if it's good for me, I'll eat it.

After CrossFit:

Month 10

10 months later...

Noticeably leaner. I think I had packed on some muscle as well. I achieved this at a CrossFit box, following CrossFit programming and coached by affiliate owners.

I believe this should silence a few CrossFit haters.

CrossFit Diet

Note: I am not a dietician, nutritionist or paleo god. This is merely what worked for me.

So, what did I eat?

Whole foods. 80% of the time, everything that I prepared and cooked would begin as a single ingredient.

My diet, even now, follows a very loose principle of 80% of my intake is “good/clean” and 20% is a little more relaxed.

Each meal was “balanced” and consisted of a carbohydrate, a protein and dietary fat.

One Sitting - Very Hungry

The aim each day was to consume a variety of foods. I tried to, when possible, consume one meal which had a fish protein, one with a poultry protein source and another with a red meat protein through out the day.

As for the carbs, I work well with a steady flow of carbohydrates throughout the day with a quick high carb fix before training.

Why do I choose to eat like this?

It's sustainable. I can still eat things that I enjoy, in reasonable amounts.

Here are a few things that were/are staple in my diet:


  • Pearl Wheat
  • Quinoa
  • Rice (white)
  • Potatoes
  • Oats
  • Banana's



  • Avocado
  • Oil's
  • Nuts
  • Egg yolks

Whilst we are on the subject of food you'll find more information on CrossFit diet in a post I've written here.

A huge part of my ability to sustain a balanced diet was ensuring my preparation was as EASY as possible. Uncle Ben and his pre-cooked rice was a regular amongst my meals.

I prepared in batches, froze, defrosted, microwaved, grilled, steamed, fried.

75% of my meals are prepared on a George Foreman and are thrown over a microwaved rice/quinoa pouch. Total preparation time often less than 10 minutes.

Yes, going about things this way is a bit more expensive but, I could eat like a king for a week if I didn’t go out for a typical Saturday night party.


As my training progressed, the intensity started to take its toll. Whilst my diet was sufficient and filled with the right types of food, I needed a little help from supplements.

I took plenty of Omega 3, creatine and made the most of whey protein powders. There is more information on my CrossFit supplements here.​

CrossFit Motivation

First off, I really hope this post helps motivate.

I see many unreal transformations, performances and lifts and that gets me hyped for my next session.

What keeps me moving 4, 5, 6 times a week?

Continued good health and improved performance which comes from within.

Linear progression made through consistent training and diet I find highly rewarding.


I’m competitive. It feels good to put up a score/weight/time that you’re proud of.

I rub shoulders with some bad asses. Guys and girls that push hard which only motivates me more.

Throw Down With People That Push Your Limits

What are the people you surround yourself with like? Do they make you want to continue improving?

I hope so.

CrossFit Beginner?

Are you looking to join a CrossFit gym?

Life altering changes to your body and mindset are only a membership payment and some commitment away from possible. Seriously!

A one-hour session is only 4% of your whole day

Some advice:

Take a read of my CrossFit for beginners post​. I talk about my first session through to my first competition and what I learned on the way.

Social media, particularly Reddit. There's a great CrossFit community who are willing to help, congratulate and educate.​

To Conclude My CrossFit Before And After Pictures

At the time of posting the new year is rolling in, as are the improved health and fitness resolutions.

With consistency, good food/hydration and CrossFit programming, anything is possible.

I look forward to seeing some more impressive transformations in 2017.

To your continued progression,


All That's Required

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