CrossFit Gyms Near Me: Choose Wisely, I'll Tell You Why

Your interest in CrossFit has climaxed and now you’re looking for a gym (often referred to as a “CrossFit Box”) to start your own fitness story. Before you Google "CrossFit Gyms Near Me", take a read so you know what to look out for.

The first step in starting your journey is finding a local gym near you.

Choosing the right gym/box is THE MOST IMPORTANT part in getting the ball rolling and this post is here to tell you why. I will also give you some thoughts to consider when choosing your new second home.

CrossFit Gyms Near Me

A Highly Organised CrossFit Gym

Box's are affiliates; they are stand-alone businesses that are all run in their own individual way. Box's coaching styles can vary as can their structure in the sessions that they provide. Pricing will also change from box to box. Do not think having stepped into your first box that they are all identical, I can tell you that they are not.

The order of headings below is in no particular order however I would urge you to really consider the location and coaching over anything else. I will explain my reasons beneath.


“I have just finished work, it’s been a long & stressful day and I’m booked into the 6 o’clock session. But, the box is a 20-minute detour away from my normal route home. I’ll give it a miss.”

Don’t make getting to the box a hard process. Make it hard to miss a session! Half of the battle is walking through that door and getting to that first buzzer. Have you ever walked out of a fitness class and regretted your efforts?

Choosing the right box that is convenient to you will make your progress that much easier. With affiliates now in the 100’s within the UK I am certain that you will be able to find a box that will sit perfectly in your new daily routine.

CrossFit HQ has put together a very handy CrossFit box locator for you to find the best box.


Before entering my box for the first time I had been taking part in physical activities and general fitness for many years. I had built up bad habits in my technique which when performing movements under fatigue would have increased my risk of injury.

Why is this relevant? The two coaches at my gym were not shy and took my bad technique to bits! At first, I thought I knew better but I did not have the training and experience that they had. Months later I was moving more efficiently, moving heavier weights and felt a lot more comfortable doing so. Finding the right coaching is key!

Once you’ve found a couple of local affiliates that are in a suitable location you should then try out the coaching. The quality, style and delivery of coaching can vary greatly from box to box. Those styles can be received differently by those attending.

My advice here would be, if you are lucky enough to have a choice of box, to try a class or two at each and see what works for you.

I would advise that you check on the CrossFit HQ website just to make sure that your affiliate is using coaches that have passed their CrossFit level 1 certificate. On the course, they will learn about delivering a class, how to ensure that effective technique is maintained throughout a session (even at high intensity) and how to scale a session to cater for all abilities.

I have written a post about CrossFit for beginners which goes over a few things that may be relevant to you if you are looking to find out more about your first session.

CrossFit Classes Near Me

A huge part of the CrossFit scene is the community and the support that you receive whilst taking part in a “class” or “session”. At all the boxes that I have trained at, training in this environment has certainly pushed me in terms of performance as it has for all the others in attendance.

Classes that have good structure will ensure that all athletes attending will be tested within their own limits. All classes are scalable and a good coach will identify your limits and adjust your workout to get the best results for you.

Aside from making physical progression through CrossFit, the classes have also allowed me to meet many people from all walks of life. I have made friends, colleagues and now I work with people I have met through my box.

Classes are a hugely positive experience and I really recommend taking part. I was nervous and a little shy when moving through my first month of training, it only gets more enjoyable from then on.

First Session Advice

CrossFit movements are easy to learn but require time, concentration and consistency. Having the ability to absorb information given by experienced coaches will speed up the rate at which you improve immensely. Some of the movements you could expect to learn are:

  • A full range of movement back squat
  • A deadlift maintaining a neutral spine
  • Olympic lifting
  • Gymnastic movements
  • Bodyweight movements such as pull ups, push ups and sit ups

If you are coming from a fitness background with little experience in CrossFit, then try and keep form over weight at the forefront of your session. I did not choose to do this and it hindered my progress. Train your body, not your ego.

Coaches will pay attention to the way you move and offer advice and adjustments as necessary. It is possible for anyone, trained or untrained to have you run up and down and do burpees on demand. However, it takes someone of experience and knowledge to have you safely move through the work outs with high-quality movements in mind.

CrossFit sessions are hugely varied with a large range of movements, time scale and intensities. The large array of movements makes every session challenging and enjoyable. Identify your weaknesses, work on them and be proud of your progress.

My final piece of advice prior to your first session is to get some suitable footwear. I have written a little guide on choosing the best trainers for CrossFit, so have a read and dust off the necessary footwear!

To Conclude: CrossFit Gyms Near Me

So to conclude, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. After every session I have ever taken part in, I leave with a smile on my face knowing that I have made progression towards achieving my fitness and CrossFit goals.

Take a look at the CrossFit box locator, choose a box and let me know how your first session goes in the comments below!

Good luck!

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