Is CrossFit Worth It?

CrossFit membership, when compared to other gyms is expensive and from the outside looking in, it may be hard to understand what justifies the extra cost. For many, a gym membership is a luxury which is why I am often asked "is CrossFit worth it?".

I was once in your position, considering starting CrossFit. So for your benefit, I would like to tell you about the value for money that you would be getting for your membership fee’s each month.

As you step inside for an introduction a CF gym/box can be very underwhelming. Where are all the machines? What overheads do they have to charge this each month?

I have broken what I believe are the key considerations for working out "value for money".


The most dominant part when looking at your value for money is the coaching that you receive. I have been lucky enough to receive great coaching at all of the box’s I have visited and I am certain that the standard is fantastic globally.

Having a careful eye cast over you as you work out, making adjustments, advising and monitoring EVERY session is hugely valuable for your progression!

Is CrossFit Worth It

Kelly Starrett Leading A Class

Granted, you could have a personal trainer that would put you through your paces every session at another facility but in comparison to CF membership fees, that’s expensive.

All coaches that are teaching classes must have completed their CrossFit level 1 certificate (take a look at the link to see what the course involves). To pass they must demonstrate the ability to lead a safe, well-structured and scalable class that is challenging and enjoyable to all.


Leading on from coaching I’ll move to my next point, accountability. This is very evident in many boxes and I believe I understand why.

CF boxes are privately owned businesses and the owners are often coaches themselves. Their product is the coaching that you receive when you attend each session and if their product is no good, they have no clients.

This to me means that coaches care! They want to understand why you aren’t attending or why you aren’t smiling during your session.

You are a walking and talking (probably about CF) advertisement for their business. They are accountable for the success of their business and the only way they succeed is through a thriving community composed of engaged individuals who turn up week after week.

CrossFit Results

I walked into my CF box on day 1 of the opening and this has gifted me with a special insight into many continually progressing examples from those starting CrossFit to the coaches themselves.

I have always enjoyed physical fit and healthy and the variety that CF provides has given me continual improvement. I have become stronger, faster and I have also learned many things about keeping my body in optimal condition for performance. Not all results come in the physical form!

As I started at the first box in my local town there were many beginners, some with no fitness background at all! There were those in the first few months who could not air squat, do a press up or pull themselves up from the ground on the bar.

Two years later those very same people are fine examples of high standard athletes. This did not happen overnight. Their progress is a result of good CrossFit programming, consistency and a huge amount of determination to improve.

How Much Does CrossFit Cost?

Let’s break down my fees for a month and work out what we really pay. I understand that my example may be slightly different to yours so adjust as necessary. My fees are £75/$90 a month and for this, I have full access to my box 7 days a week.

I am able to attend around my shift pattern on average 6 days a week so 24 sessions a month. Each of those sessions I have access to highly experienced coaches where I am surrounded by people that make me push myself and take my training to the next level.

All of this for a touch under £3/$4 a session? I struggle to believe this value can be found elsewhere but, let me know if you find it because I want in!


So from my choice of words, I think it's pretty clear that CF has been "worth it" for me. Of course, this is just my experience and some may argue that their's was a little different.

Like all things in life, CrossFit is something that you will only get out what you put into your training. If you have the capacity to learn & adapt, the commitment to attend as much as possible & the determination to progress then CrossFit may just be the thing for you.

So... Is CrossFit worth it considering all of the above?

I have written a post about CrossFit for beginners which goes over all of the things I wish I had known heading into my first few sessions. Have a read and drop me a comment below on how your first session turns out!

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