Muscle Food Review; 10+ Orders And Counting

In search of my peak performances I need premium nutrition. My nutrition is conveniently delivered to my front door, once a week and costs less than the supermarkets. This Muscle Food review covers the service that makes my life easy.

MuscleFood is an online butcher providing a premium food delivery service to many across the UK. With their website attracting nearly 100k visitors a month, they must be doing something right.

Muscle Food Review

Box To Belly ~ 20 Minutes

Their service is hugely popular with the “fit fam” but also those that are frugal and wise with their spending. But what makes them so popular?

Ill break it down for you in my Muscle Food review…

MuscleFood Products

If its consumable, it’s likely that MuscleFood will stock it, if not a variation of it. The range of products available ensures that your meals for the coming weeks will be varied and exciting (as far as your cooking abilities allow).

There’s cooked meat, diced, marinated, minced, roasted, lite, paleo, gluten free, halal and organic. What more could you ask for?

Muscle Food Products

Fresh Delivery Of MuscleFood Products

Whilst they stock the conventional meats like chicken, beef and lamb they also have a huge selection of other meats for your enjoyment. With “exotic” and “game” meat categories on their navigation bar, you can find tasty alternatives to your generic protein sources. A favourite of mine are the buffalo sausages which I have cooked in a number of ways.

As well as the huge selection of meat you can also order seafood, fresh and cooked veg, fruit and a whole host of sweet delights.

MuscleFood Pricing

“But a butcher’s meat is more expensive!”

A common misconception made by the masses. MuscleFood’s pricing is very competitive across the board and often cheaper than what you’ll pay at your everyday supermarket.

At the time of writing this post (Nov 2016), these were a couple of price comparisons between MF and the average supermarket.





5Kg Chicken Breast



1Kg Steak Mince



Some other considerations when looking at pricing:

  • How valuable is your time? This service could save a shopping trip a week
  • No fuel costs in getting to/from the supermarket

MuscleFood Customer Service

The MuscleFood customer service is fantastic. They are also hot on social media utilising Twitter & Facebook to run a slick service to their loyal fans.

In my experience from the many orders I have made, there have only ever been two issues. The first was some tilapia fillets that had made a dash for freedom in transport and the other, some missing turkey.

What did they do to handle it?

Apologised profusely and made sure that I was reimbursed. I was also given a free corn fed chicken and they made certain that I was happy with the outcome.


Do you enjoy Tesco at half 6 after work?

Nope, me neither which makes coming home to a chilled box full of fresh goods that much sweeter.

An unwritten benefit to using the MuscleFood service is the convenience of having your food delivered to your door, whilst you go about your daily chores.

And they make it even easier…

When you’re finalising your order there are options to choose how often you want your order (or individual items) ordered. I have items that are delivered fortnightly and four weekly. To get your perfect frequency takes time, experimentation and a large chest freezer.

Muscle Food Delivery

How To Select Delivery Frequency


But won't the meat go off? Nope.

MuscleFood’s packaging has stood the test of a 28-degree day in August. I can vouch for that.

Muscle Food Packaging

Ice Packs

They use hydrated ice sheets in insulated boxes which ensure that your meaty goods are going to be just fine should they sit in your agreed “safe place” for too long.

The packaging can also be reused. I keep a stock of MuscleFood ice packs in the freezer should I need to keep anything cold for prolonged periods of time.

I throw in my meals alongside a reused ice pack into the 6 pack bag and my food is good for an 8-hour shift.

Should anything get damaged in transit, MuscleFood is quick to make sure you are compensated for any inconvenience.

For any other queries you may have with their packaging, check out their delivery information page.

Loyalty Points

Who doesn’t like free food?

Forget your nectar points and clubcard, MuscleFood loyalty points once accumulated can be spent like cash on delicious treats.

If you choose to use your loyalty points, MF offers up a selection of choices that you can add to your basket.

Muscle Food Discount Code

Muscle Food Discount Code

A good way to try out new items. If you snooze, you lose as they are only valid for 12 months though so spend them when you can.

You’ve got the meat, now what?

If you’re like me, you’ll need a little inspiration from time to time. I'll drop into their weekly special deals page just to grab a bargain and try something new.

MuscleFood has taken it upon themselves to complement their service with an ever growing list of recipes for you to try.

Take your meat out of the freezer the night before and come lunchtime the next day, you’re good to get cooking.

For me, cooking needs to be quick and easy. 75% of the meals I make using MF purchases are either thrown on the George Foreman or in the slow cooker. So, as well as this being a Muscle Food review, I thought I'd share a few of my meals with you, prepared using their products.

Muscle Food Steak

Muscle Food Steak

MuscleFood Rump Steak

Longest part of this meal was the new potatoes. Complete meal preparation time, all of about 30 minutes.

Ostrich Burgers

For some, this may be a little heavy first thing but for me its perfect. Friend eggs with a grilled burger cooked on a George Foreman. Total preparation time, around 15 minutes. No excuse for skipping the most important meal of the day.

Muscle Food Burgers

Muscle Food Burgers

Muscle Food Chicken

Muscle Food Chicken

Marinated Chicken Breasts

Very quick salad made using MF chicken breast meat. I use Uncle Bens microwaveable pouches just for saving time and because they taste better than anything I have ever achieved. Prep time < 10 minutes.

GSN Steam Cooked Chicken Breasts

Another one of MF's stocked products are the steam cooked chicken breasts. Again, a complete time saver and can be defrosted overnight. I tend to use sauces out of a jar because of the convenience and lack of wastage.​ 25 minutes prep time.

Muscle Food Chicken

Muscle Food Chicken

Other Considerations

Muscle Food Coupons

Have a dig around on the internet and get free meat (or T-shirt, see below). I’ll spend 30 seconds searching for MuscleFood coupons and come away with something worth a fiver for nothing. Sometimes its salmon, sometimes its upgraded delivery. Well worth a quick search.

Muscle Food Coupons

Free T-Shirt Courtesy Of Coupons

Refer A Friend

If you’re one of these lucky people with friends, you can earn yourself MuscleFood credits which can be exchanged for free food. You’ll be given a unique referral code (such as “TG28562”) which when given to a friend entitles them to a freebie whilst earning you £5 in credit too!

To Finish Off My Muscle Food Review

Would I recommend MuscleFood’s services for you to try?

Yes, I would!

Feeling convinced? I recommend buying the new customer meat pack to try out a large portion of their range!

The companies “bread and butter” is their meat products and to me, this ensures good quality and competitive pricing.

It’s a convenient, well-priced service that allows me to keep on top of my diet whilst getting plenty of varied protein sources, delivered to your door.

Thanks for reading,


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