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CrossFit Diet: Fuel Yourself For Better Performance
Diet & Nutrition is synonymous with athletic performance and must be on point for continued progression. Take a read on Paleo, Zone and some other diet-related topics in this post.
CrossFit Benchmark WODs
CrossFit HQ have released benchmark mark workouts for athletes to test, record and repeat allowing us to measure our progress.
Best CrossFit Gloves 2017
There is a place in CrossFit for hand protection. Gloves protect competing athletes, professionals who require smooth palms and for anyone who dislikes rips and tears. Take a look at the best on the market in 2017.
Smolov Squat Program: Get A Bigger Squat
What did I learn from the Smolov squat program? 13 weeks of squatting broken down with a few thoughts for your consideration.
Nike Metcon Review: An Elite Training Shoe You Should Own
Nike Metcons really are that good. This review covers all you need to know about Nike's offering to the CrossFit clique.